Performena Target Meta DSP
Performena Target Meta DSP

Auto Optimization: Towards AI

The power of Machine Learning being used to learn from the serving pattern of hundreds of campaigns and train the data model, to achieve the best optimization possible.

Premium Buying Platforms

Target layers over various premium buying platforms, and based on the campaign objectives, it sets the campaigns on the best platforms for your campaign to begin with, in a fully automated manner. It increases, reduces budgets as the campaign progresses.

Actionable Data Points

Once the enough campaign data is generated, out advanced actionable insights algorighm kicks in and starts granular optimizations, Target acts on the data points from the exchange, channel, creative selection, up to the time of the day for an audience segments.

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation that enhances and optimizes the campaigns based on real-time and historical behavior. Enables us to deliver dynamic ads to engage different Audience Segments with different messaging simultaneously. Target predicts the most suitable time to reach the potential customer segments.

Validated by Experts

Our team of Engineers & Skilled optimization specialists monitor the campaigns and provide inputs where necessary. We ensure to do right things to get the best return on your advertising budgets.