Precision Targeting for Exceptional Results

Reach users in a much more accurate & effective manner compared to other screens.

Mobile Suite


Reach the users in the proximity to push local offers. Target users up-to a small geographical radius of a kilometer.

Mobile Suite


Profiling & Segmentation of the Audience based on historic audience behavior, strictly following GDPR & CCPA guidelines.

Mobile Suite

All Formats & Channels

Time Tested Ad Formats for Higher Engagement, and conversions. Reach users viia Banners, Native, Video & Rich Media creatives.

Mobile Hyper location Targeting

Experience the Power of Advanced Mobile Targeting

Elevate your brand's performance with our Mobile Suite, featuring hyper-location targeting and sophisticated audience segmentation. By leveraging the capabilities of industry-leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) like Lotame, Oracle BlueKai, and Google Marketing Cloud, combined with valuable first-party data, we can effectively reach and engage the audience most relevant to your brand.

Our comprehensive mobile targeting strategies ensure your campaigns resonate with the right audience, driving measurable results:

Hyper-Local and Geo-Fencing
Deliver highly relevant ads based on users' precise locations, capitalizing on contextual and timely opportunities.
Affinity Targeting
Identify and engage users who share a strong connection with your brand or product category, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.
Demographic Targeting
Tailor your campaigns to specific age groups, genders, and other demographic factors, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.
Look-Alike Modeling
Expand your reach by targeting users with similar characteristics to your existing customers, maximizing the potential for new leads and conversions.