Perks of Teaming with Us


Utilize data and analytics-driven programmatic advertising to effectively reach and engage with your desired target audience.


Optimize your supply chain management process and reduce costs through the implementation of a competitive bidding framework.


Enhance your online visibility and elevate your digital marketing performance with expert strategies and tactics.


Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Performena's cutting-edge programmatic advertising solutions.

Who We Are

We are a team of skilled professionals with innovative AdTech solutions designed to help you achieve your advertising goals. Our wide reach across screens, from high-impact ad formats to mobile suite, makes us uniquely positioned to meet your needs.

Cognitive Marketing for Exceptional Programmatic Advertising Performance

At Performena, we take pride in our cognitive marketing approach that helps brands implement relevant and compliant programmatic advertising. Our approach is designed to drive exceptional performance across every stage of your customer lifecycle.

What we offer

Performena Offers

Omnichannel Audience Engagement

We specialize in Demand Side Solutions that help brands and agencies create engaging omnichannel audience experiences. Our innovative solutions aid in lead generation and ensure hyper-personalized customer experiences. By using ABM data and prioritizing personalization, we help you engage with high-value accounts more efficiently with Programmatic ABM strategies.

Performena Offers

Programmatic Ecosystem Management

We offer programmatic ecosystem management to help you configure and maintain the most tailored and profitable campaigns. By leveraging our expertise in cross-functional connections, DSP and DMP, along with SSP and ad exchange, we help you create a cohesive programmatic ecosystem.

What we built

Target - Meta DSP

An auto-optimization engine that efficiently channels your ad spends to achieve your campaign goals.

High Impact Formats

Dynamic, data-driven, and interactive ad formats for increased user engagement on quality curated sites and apps across desktop, tablets, mobile, and connected TVs.

Video Suite

Multi-screen, high engagement video formats for brand awareness and recall on quality curated sites and apps across desktop, tablets, mobile, and connected TVs.

Mobile Suite

A suite that harnesses the power of granular targeting abilities to reach the right audience at the right place, any time.

Xtend - Search Yield

A suite that helps create, distribute, and monetize owned and operated internet properties while optimizing the yield for our partners' web properties.


A suite that helps measure website visitors and provides insightful analytics.


A header bidding suite for web publishers that enables them to monetize their ad inventory effectively.

Convergist - Tracking Suite

A highly scalable and easy-to-use tracking suite powered with robust API for Cross Platform Tracking, and Fraud Analysis.

Circle - Influencer Marketing

Circle enables agencies to seamlessly discover and connect with top Influencers for their client's brand campaigns.